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Tailor Made Hand Adapters for a Huge Number of Applications

Whether for the test of electric units in the lab or for the test of car engines, a reliable un-interruptible power supply and signal transfer are the most important elements to execute a test procedure. 

adaptronic hand adapters guarantee a reliable transfer of all kinds of electric signals. The solid mating plugs are designed for millions of cycles and deformation-free contacting.

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Christoph Weber
Sales Engineer | Competence Team Custom Interconnection Systems

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Christopher Wahl
Sales Engineer | Competence Team Custom Interconnection Systems

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Exemplary applications

adaptronic - Competence in Testing.

adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH is based in Wertheim near Würzburg (Germany) and is a leading manufacturer of wiring and functional test systems.

The company develops and produces application-specific test systems and adaption solutions for wire harnesses used in the aviation, space, railway and automotive engineering industries, as well as in telecommunications, medicine and electrical engineering.

Competence Team Custom Interconnection Systems

Reliable electrical contacting with long stability times - adaptronic adapters for test benches in the automotive industries

Whether at the test of electrical units in the test area, at the end-of-line test of  combustion engines, components of the e-mobility area etc., - a reliable interruption free voltage supply and signal transfer is essential for exact measurement values in the quality assurance.

Adaptations from  adaptronic guarantee a secure transfer of electrical signals.

The robust adapters are designed for millionfold and deformation-free contacting.

Normally contact is made with help of screw-in spring loaded contact pins. These contacts guarantee a reliable deformation-free contact, even at high currents.

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